Big data & AI driven, new smart property management software

    For large property developers & AI city projects



  • How It Works

    We aim to build long term relationship with your properties


    Technician management

    Efficiently manage your team of technicians and vacant cleaning process at a glance through a centralised internal portal that audits the trails of all the on-going operations happening and log history


    Performance analytics

    Our system will analyse your operational process to give you the ideas of which areas to improve and how to increase the efficiency of the property management process and give better customer experience


    Installation of new sensors

    Upgrade your "dumb" devices by installing further smart sensors to the properties, making your properties "smart" overall, to connect meaningfully & add further values to the operations


    Predictive analytics

    We'll optimise your operations via providing an AI driven, cutting-edge predictive analytics tool, that would diagnose the status of your properties & relating operations predictively


    Automated management

    Property management in your company is slowly automated via our predictive analytics tool: auto-generating new work-orders and maintained at low cost without compromising any quality control

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